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The Code Solution
Introduces a new concept of living.

We are now introducing our projects with new smart living solutions integrated. Watch the full video today to find out more about our new concept of living.

The Code Solution Los Angeles

Alcazar Suites

The Code Solution introduces Alcazar Suites, the smart home living concept that brings connectivity, automation to your home making your home cater to your needs. Derived from the need of changing the need for the current housing functionality. Seeing that the concept of homes served the same purpose over many years TCS decided to bring a new concept of living. 

Monitored parking entry

Crimes of opportunity happen when doors are opened. Our fast-close garage doors ensure that no unauthorized cars or people can follow behind our residents to enter the building.

Smart home controls

Never worry about leaving your lights or appliances on again. With our smart home systems, you can remotely access every room of your home to solve problems before they arise.

Smart Home Living in Los Angeles, California
Private courtyard

Getting fresh air for yourself or your pet shouldn't give you any reason to think about whether you’ll be safe or not. All of our complexes have greenspace within so that you can always have a safe, quiet place to spend time outside without needing a public park nearby.

Secured entry

Controlled with smart home system only residents and authorized users will be allowed to enter the building. Cameras covering all areas of building giving an eagle eye of activity going on. 

Give access to friends and family all from the palm of your hands!

Hypo-allergenive interior

The current global pandemic has shown each and every one of us how vulnerable we are to disease and infection. In our community, we sterilize all shared spaces every 12 hours to minimize the chance of any pathogens propagating in our hallways, elevators, stairwells, and sitting areas.

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