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Smart Home Living California

Changing the way of living.

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About Us

Alcazar Suites was born out of the desire to provide living solutions to support all lifestyles even within times where the world is changing rapidly. 

We have seen the changes in the industry with our own eyes for the last three decades. However, things have never been this different. There is more technology and varieties of lifestyles now than there has ever been before. There are ways to live abroad and view houses across the world. The concept of a house is no longer as permanent as before, yet we have never craved a more stable and safe place to call home. That's where we come in and offer our living solutions. 

Our only mission is to find and provide all possible ways to support the living styles of today's people in the homes that they have always wanted and will continue to adapt to your evolving preferences. 

Smart Home Kitchen California

Designs &

Our designs are derived from our foundations. Finding the right materials and designs to support the style of living, no matter the type. We want to be the trendsetters on providing adaptive solutions that support all changing lifestyles formed from today's fast-paced world. No matter where you want to live, or what type of space you want to live in, we strive to provide all solutions to your living dilemmas. Brining a connected and unique design that will change the way one calls home. Our buildings are designed to be catered to your needs. 

Multifamily smart home in California


We believe everyone should truly feel safe and at home in their own spaces. The parts of the house that make it a home factor is where we come in. We continue to research and study ways and materials that could support our ideas of different quality of livings. Finding what supports a family, a resident, and community through a living space motivates us to continue finding new innovations and try different designs and technologies in our spaces to introduce new ways of living to our residents. 

Smart Home Features in California

Technology Integrations

We try to venture out and explore with never-before-seen technology integrations into our living spaces to challenge the general use of technology in the current industry. The world is moving fast with technological capabilities and inventions. Where we live and spend most of our time should best support that high-tech style of living we all live nowadays. Even our parents, grandparents, children, and now our pets take advantage of all the different inventions modern technology provides. Our house is where that comfort of living starts and where it ends. Alcazar smart homes are designed to give you control and automation of your home. 

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